Ritchie Cattle Waterers Sales & Install

Saves you money

Designed with efficient energy use in mind, Ritchie Cattle Waterers keep from freezing with little cost. In fact Ritchie Waterers are so well insulated they have been recognized by electric companies and government agencies for their energy efficiency.

Best warranty in the industry

Richie Cattle Waterers come with a 10 year limited warranty, five years full and five years prorated. Stainless troughs have 10 year 100% warranty against manufacturer defects and corrosion.

Ritchie Cattle Waterers


The Omnifount is the premier system in automatic waterers. This superior product combines stainless steal and poly features to provide a quality system that stands up to the elements of Albertan weather.


  • Simple to maintain
  • Large access panel
  • Heating elements directly under stainless steel trough for exceptional performance
  • Cable heater provides extra valve and supply line protection
  • Fast refill, reliable Ritchie valve
  • Built in anchor pocket, mounts securely to concrete pad


The WaterMatic Family is a great choice if you're looking for top value, high performance and the easiest operation and maintenance.


  • No gaskets to crack, tear or leak
  • Quick refill valve
  • One piece body
  • Large side access panel
  • Optional immersion heater and self regulating heat cable for freezing conditions