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Lennox Furnances

SLP98 Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

  • 98% efficient AFUE. 10 year parts warranty. The quietest, most efficient furnace on the market. Can save more than $800 dollars a year on heating bills when compared to a standard furnace.
  • "i-comfort" technology that allows the Thermostat to receive error codes from the furnace, and transmit them to your Lennox dealer.
  • Precise Comfort Technology adapts to the indoor environment to significantly reduce heating costs.

EL296V High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace

  • 96% two stage, variable speed furnace, energy star qualified.
  • Variable speed motor reduces electrical use by up to 2/3’s when compared to a standard motor.
  • Two stages of heating minimize temperature swings while saving you money.

EL195E Gas Furnace

  • 95% AFUE furnace , single stage, energy star qualified.
  • Constant torque furnace motor is up to 33% more efficient than a single stage motor, and up to 200% more efficient in constant fan mode.