Shutting Down Your A/C For Winter

  • Turn off the power to the Condenser unit. This is usually located on the adjacent wall to where the condenser sits outside, or on the condenser itself.
  • Once you’ve turned the power off to the unit, inspect the condenser for any debris, dirt, or leaves and hose off the coils. Allow the unit to dry completely
  • Once you’ve allowed the unit to dry completely, put on the proper sized cover for your Air Conditioner. If you don’t have a cover, consult with your local HVAC expert to provide you one.
  • Don’t think a tarp or piece of plywood will cut it as a cover. Dirt, and leaves and even mice can still get inside the condenser if you don’t have the proper one fitted.
  • Finally, remember to change the filter on your furnace or air handler in anticipation of the heating season.

Call your preferred HVAC professional should you have any issues or questions about decommissioning your Air Conditioner for our winter season.